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Big-Company Spam Blocking

on a

Small-Company Budget


1-10 Users

  • Spam Blocking
  • Virus Protection
  • Per-User Settings
  • Per-User Quarantine
  • Full Management Console


Pricing Details...


11-30 Users

  • Spam Blocking
  • Virus Protection
  • Per-User Settings
  • Per-User Quarantine
  • Full Management Console


How It Works...


Up to 100 Users (100+)

  • Spam Blocking
  • Virus Protection
  • Per-User Settings
  • Per-User Quarantine
  • Full Management Console


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Block Spam like a Fortune 500 Company...

...at a fraction of the cost. At Online Spam Solutions, we employ the same enterprise-level spam filters that are in use at some of the world’s largest corporations. We maintain these systems 24/7/365 and offer this high-end service to smaller companies at a fraction of the cost of buying the actual equipment.




Our Business Model:
1. Buy lots of of expensive, enterprise-level spam filters.
2. Maintain fully redundant networks of these top-end filtering systems.
3. Sell access to these spam blockers at a low monthly price.


30 Day Free Trial

free trial   

And we mean free...we don't ask for a credit card up front and we won't just start billing you once the trial is over.  Just fill out this Do u buy viagra and we'll send you the information to set up and activate your trial. 

If you don't like the service for whatever reason you don't even have to contact us to cancel.  Just change your MX record back to its original setting and you're done (how it works). 

So, try our spam service for free for one month and then decide if you want to sign up. You have nothing to lose but your spam.


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The only requirement is that you must have your own domain ( example: yourcompany.com ). Our service will not work with accounts from AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, etc. If your email ends in @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or @hotmail.com our service will not work for you. Any other setup is fine.

Our Spam Blocker and Filtering service is platform independent, so it works with all types of mail servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, qmail, Kerio, Exim, Zimbra, SendMail, GroupWise, etc. 

Our service will also work if you host your domain and email with a service provider like GoDaddy, HostGator, NetworkSolutions, etc.

And, it doesnt matter what client you use to access mail (Outlook, Apple Mail, or anything else).  We play well with everyone.

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How It Works

Setup is Simple

All that is required is a simple change to your domain’s MX record. You point your mail delivery to us, we filter the mail and then deliver it to your mail server. Essentially, we’re just another hop in your mail delivery - a hop that eliminates spam. We can assist you in changing your MX records if needed.

What to Expect

Once we start detecting spam, our systems will automatically create accounts for your users and email them welcome letters. User can check in real time what messages are being tagged as possible spam. Users can also release any message, whitelist, blacklist, set filtering preferences, etc. Once a day each user will be sent a Quarantine Report. This is an email that lists any messages that were held as suspected spam during the past 24 hours. Users can release or whitelist directly from this email.

Our Service

We run high-end servers from Barracuda Networks on our backend. The Barracuda Spam Firewall is the most widely deployed spam appliance in the market today, and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. With our service you’ll be getting the same level of spam filtering as IBM, Coca-Cola, and the US Department of Homeland Security (see list), but at a fraction of the cost.



Learn More...


Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the spam filter?
We achieve over 99% effectiveness
and an extremely low false positive rate.

Are there any set-up fees?
No. And we'll assist you in making
the required changes to your MX records if needed.

Do you charge for aliases or additional domains?
No. We just charge for the total number of actual accounts (not aliases). And you can have as many domains as you like.
How long does it take to get started?
You can be spam-free in is as little as 10 minutes. Cuanto cuesta el cialis en venezuela and find out.

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What Customers are Saying

  • bubble I have used Online Spam Solutions for 9 years and have had excellent service, excellent support, and complete spam protection. I have never had a spam problem or an attack on any of my many protected Email accounts.

    - John W.
    Owner, VLR Communications

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  • bubble Easy user interface for end users which is huge, fast throughput, easy administration, easy setup, automatically figures out and configures email addresses. No weird behaviors! Great bang for the buck!
    Mike Connor
    Connor Consulting
    Nashville, TN
    Cheap viagra that accepts mastercard

    See All...

  • bubble I started out using Online Spam Solutions for their extremely competitive pricing for Hosted Exchange accounts. I then realized what a bonus their Spam Solution was. Finally, their archiving system protects me from my less than perfect backup practices. In those rare instances where I have had an issue or question, they have responded and resolved in quick order. As a small business owner, having Online Spam Solutions as a partner is a no brainer.
     - Kevin M
    Hot Springs, AR

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  • bubble Whenever I have a question I can always get someone on the phone.  With our other vendors I'm usually on hold with an overseas call center.  Please never use one of those. If you can, keep your customer service in-house - it's great.  The spam blocker works great too.
     - Craig Estrich
    Manager of Information Technology
    Premier Funding Group

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  • bubble My entire organization is very happy with the results we see. I can see a 95%+ reduction in spam and viruses getting through. Man, you are making me look good here.
     - Paul
    Newco Valves, LP
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  • bubble Does what it says on the box! We were getting hundreds of spam messages a day, and this service stopped it cold.
    And talk about great support! Even with the free trial, I had personal support via email, and they even called me to help fix a setup problem.
    Highly recommended!
    Ryan H.
    Nappanee, IN
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Online Spam Solutions

Online Spam Solutions LLC
872 S. Milwaukee Ave., Suite 161
Libertyville, Il. 60048
United States