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Partner Program

We work with lots of partners/re-sellers.  Most are either independent IT consultants or IT consulting firms.  The smallest have only a couple clients, while the largest have hundreds.  We enjoy working with all of them.


How it Works

The specifics of our Partner/Re-Seller program differ depending on what services you're re-selling:


Spam Blocking

We maintain a separate network of spam filters just for our re-sellers.  Our company name is nowhere to be found on this network so you're free to sell it as your own and charge whatever the market will bear.  The basic setup is:  We bill you  -  You bill your customers. 

However, if you are not set up to bill your customers or choose not to, we can pay you a one time referral fee (see below).



We do not discount our prices for resellers.  What we do instead is lump all of your customers into one group for billing purposes.  This almost always means more money for you. 

For example, if you have 10 clients with 10 users each, you would pay us $49.95/month (our pricing tier for up to 100 users).  If these customers were to sign up individually on their own, each would pay $9.95/month (1-10 users) for a combined total of $99.50.  In this case your re-seller advantage would be worth about $50/month.  And that's just off of our stated prices.  You're free to charge your customers whatever you want.



Unfortunately the Barracuda Spam Filters we use don't support branding by domain, so we can't put your logo on the web interface and email reports.  What we've done though is to brand our system in a neutral manner, with no links to us whatsoever.  Our re-seller network is simply labeled "Spam Quarantine" and you can go to that name (.com) to get to the basic login page and se an example of the branding.



Our reseller network is identical to our main network.  It is not a watered-down version like others out there may offer.  We run the same high-end Barracuda Spam Filters in the exact same cluster arrangements as our primary branded network.



You are always able to contact us with support questions.  We look forward to talking to our re-sellers and we've developed great relationships with many of them over the years.


Referral Fee Option

If you choose not to bill your customers we can pay you a one time "finders fee" equal to two months customer charges.  This would be paid after their 30 day free trial and after they have paid us for two months of service.


Adding Customers

You are free to add customers at any time.  Simply fill out the form here or call/email us and we'll get it set up right away.  Keep in mind, if you are adding a small customer it probably won't change your pricing tier, so the money you're charging them will go straight into your pocket (when you get over 100 users our prices go up in 50 user increments - see pricing here).


30 day Free Trial

All new customers get our 30 day free trial, including every customer added by a re-seller.  You can offer your customers the free trial or you can just start charging them right away and make some extra money.  It's up to you.


Admin Login

As a re-seller you will have administrative privileges.  An admin account will be created for you that will list all of your customer's domains.  You will be able to see stats, make account changes, view message logs, etc.


Free Account

We will also give you free spam filtering for your personal or business domain.  The only requirement is that you have at lease one paying customer with us.


Getting Started

There's no special form to fill out to be a re-seller, just start letting us know what domains you want to filter.  We'll get those accounts set up and get you all the information you need.  We look forward to working with you.





Exchange 2013 Email Hosting


The pricing on our Exchange Hosting is amazing.  Re-sellers can make a lot of money offering this very popular service.

We have a whole website dedicated to our Hosted Exchange Service.  You can check out the re-seller details here, or simply contact us.



Other Services

Email Archiving, Web Hosting, DNS Hosting, Backup MX service

These services are usually offered by existing re-sellers and are incorporated into their offerings on an individual basis.

Put more simply, re-sellers of these services usually just get the standard pricing (which they are free to mark up) unless they're signing up multiple customers, in which case we work with them one-on-one to get them the best deal.

If you wish to resell any of these services please let us know and we'll provide you an individual quote.


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