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Frequently Asked Questions



How effective is the spam filter?    (+/-)

We achieve over 99% effectiveness and an extremely low false positive rate.

Are there any set-up fees?     (+/-)

No. And we'll assist you in making the required changes to your MX records if needed.

Do you charge for aliases or additional domains?     (+/-)

No. We just charge for the total number of actual accounts (not aliases). And you can have as many domains as you like.

How long does it take to get started?     (+/-)

You can be spam-free in is as little as 10 minutes. Sign up now and find out.


User Questions

Some users haven't received welcome letters. Why not?    (+/-)

All users should receive a general welcome letter when their online quarantine account is created.  The online accounts allow users to view quarantined email, manage their allow/block lists, etc.

User account creation is automatic, but not all accounts are created right away.   By default, an account is created when a user receives their first message that gets held by the system quarantine.  It works like this:

1. A user receives their first message that gets held in quarantine (as possible spam).
2. The spam filter creates an account for that user.
3. The user receives a welcome letter with login information to their account.

Keep in mind that before an account is created all of the user's email is still getting checked for spam and viruses.  It's just that nothing was quarantined yet so no quarantine account was created. All messages were either allowed & delivered or outright blocked.

This is the default setup for all of our customers, however we do have the ability to manually create accounts at any time.  If a user needs an online account before the auto-creation process kicks in, we can certainly do that.

I haven't received my daily report (Spam Quarantine Summary) in a while. Why not?    (+/-)

The "daily" report is not necessarily sent every day.  It's only sent if you received new messages that were quarantined during the past 24 hours.

No new quarantined messages - no report for that day.

You can always log in to your online account to check the contents of your quarantine.  How to log in.


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