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How To Enable Recipient Filtering - Exchange 2003

Quick Walkthrough with Screenshots.

When Recipient filtering is enabled it means that your mail server will reject any message that is being sent to a non-existent address on your domain, like, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Exchange 2003 Only.

Exchange 2007 instructions here.

Exchange 2010 instructions here.


1.             Open Exchange System Manager (ESM)

2.             Expand Global Settings

3.             Right click Message Delivery

4.             Select Properties


5.             Select the Recipient Filtering tab

6.             Check the Filter recipients who are not in the Directory option:


7.             Click OK


Once recipient filtering has been enabled under Message Delivery, it then needs to be activated on the SMTP virtual server.

1.             Open Exchange System Manager (ESM)

2.             Expand Administrative Groups

3.             Expand First Administrative Group (or the relevant group if it has been renamed or if there are multiple groups)

4.             Expand Servers

5.             Expand <your server name>

6.             Expand Protocols

7.             Expand SMTP

8.             Right click on Default SMTP server

9.             Select Properties


10.          Click Advanced


11.          Click Edit


12.          Select Apply Recipient Filter


13.   Click OK


You will now need to restart the SMTP server before the recipient filtering will take effect. 


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