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On December 19th our network was attacked with a Crypto-locker ransom-ware virus.
This virus encrypted a large portion of our network and rendered most of our services inoperable.
Most email hosting services are down.

We have been working 24/7 to bring our systems back online.
However we currently have no timeline for a complete return of all services.

Since we cannot guarantee when full service will return, we are advising customers whose email is down to look to other email providers.

We do not want to see our customers leave, but we understand how important email is to everyone, and we do not want to sugar-coat the situation or string anyone along with promises of "maybe tomorrow".

Please start making plans to move your email service, while checking updates on this page.


Email - most accounts are down. No estimated return date.
Spam Filtering - currently operational.
Web Hosting - currently operational.
Email Archiving - currently operational.


December 21st 2022. 5:00PM CST: Our attempts to un-encrypt our data (with help from 3rd party companies who specialize in this area) were unsuccessful.
This means there is currently no path to a quick recovery of hosted email accounts.
Restoration of email services would require a complete rebuild of multiple related systems.
There is no timeline for this.
If you are a hosted email customer the prudent path for you is to move your mail service to another provider.
If you have questions regarding this please call us.

December 22 2022, 6:00PM CST: No updates.
If you have email hosting with us, you should start moving to another provider.
We are working through our message backlog, but the best way to cantact us is to not leave a message but to try calling again a short time later.
If we are not on another call we will pick up.
All services besides email hosting are untouched by this issue and are fully functional.

Please check this space for future updates.

1-888-369-3375 or 1-847-879-1700