Email Archiving


Save Every Email Ever Sent or Received

  • Automatically capture, index and store all email sent or received by your company.  This includes full email text, headers, attachments and even deleted items. If you sent or received it, its saved.
  • All information is fully searchable at an individual level and a company-wide/admin level.  Access it via web, Outlook plug-in, stand-alone desktop program, or mobile app.
  • Perform complex searches across your entire company’s email database.  For example, instantly see all email (sent or received) regarding a specific client, project or pricing quote, no matter who sent or received it.
  • Quickly search every employee’s email by date, subject, to, from, etc.
  • Set monitoring alerts.  For example, if your main competitor is XYZ corp. you can an alert to notify you whenever an email is sent or received containing the phrase “XYZ Corp”.

Why do I need Email Archiving?

  • Compliance: Some companies are required to save all email correspondence, for all others it’s just good practice.
  • Easily retrieve emails that were deleted (either accidentally or on purpose).
  • Search your entire company’s email records.
  • Monitor all email for specific content, subject, recipients, etc.
  • Protect yourself in the event of legal action against you.  Easily retrieve any historic correspondence.

“Before my employee went on vacation he deleted all of his email, knowing he was going to quit when he got back.  He deleted important messages, and now we can’t recover them.”

- Actual Customer Issue

Storage and Retention Periods:

We offer unlimited storage and unlimited retention.  This means there is no limit to the amount of email data we’ll hold for you, and there’s also no limit to how long we’ll hold it.

Data Security:

We utilize on-site archiving systems from Barracuda Networks, an industry leader in email security.  All of our systems are clustered and fully redundant across geographically diverse Tier III data centers.  All of our systems are backed-up daily.  More information on Data Security and infrastructure here.



The Barracuda Message Archiver is purpose built to support compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FINRA and many other regulations.  If you require specific compliance assurances please contact us.



$3 per user per month.  We have not been able to find another company offering this service at a lower price.

30 Day Free Trial:

The best way to decide is to try the product.  We won’t ask for a credit card and we wont just start billing you one the trail is over.  If you don’t like the service do nothing and it will cancel automatically.

Requirements / Notes:

  • Email Archiving is usually sold as an add-on to our popular Hosted Exchange Service, but it can be used on a stand-alone basis as well.
  • If used as a stand-alone service the only requirement is that your email server must have a journaling feature (almost all do).  Our archivers will query your journal account and import email on a regular basis.
  • Archiving is a domain-wide service.  Either it captures all mail or none.  It is not possible to turn on archiving for just a few email addresses at your company.  It must be activated for all email addresses.
  • Individual users will have access to just their own email history.  Admin users will have access to all email across the domain.
  • You can have as many admin users as you like.
  • You can import old/existing email into the archiver, so that your entire mail history is archived.  We can assist you with this.
  • If you cancel the service you are, of course, able to export your mail database and take it with you.


Getting Started:

Just contact us and we’ll get you started.  Remember, there’s a 30 day free trial.  You can also request access to a test account so you can play with the features and see first-hand how the service works with no commitment.